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TLM2 AU where Rex sticks to his guns and does everything he can to protect Emmet from their - his - friends he doesn't try to change Emmet into him, Rex is actually kind of afraid of Emmet becoming another Rex that was the exact opposite of what he came there to do, but honours his wishes to 'toughen up' and other people who take Emmet for granted or take advantage of his "big, beautiful. LEGO Movie 70829. Il Buggy fuggi-fuggi di Emmet e Lucy! è un giocattolo LEGO, linea LEGO. The Movie: risparmia online con le offerte IBS! This is my favorite ship from The Lego Movie. ^_^ Program/s used: Google Pics Snipping Tool Emmet and Lucy are characters from The Lego Movie which is owned by Warner Bros. Il set LEGO Movie 70829 – Il Buggy Fuggi Fuggi Di Emmet E Lucy! è uno dei più iconici modelli ispirati al film LEGO Movie 2. Nel set troviamo i due protagonisti e un accattivante Buggy da costruire.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Emmet's alarm beeped at 7:00 am he jumped out of bed and said "GOOD MORNING APARTMENT!" He got dressed and went down stairs when he got down their his phone rang he picked it up and he saw it was his girlfriend Lucy. Emmett looked over at Rosalie and squeezed her bum, pinned her to the ground and began kissing every inch of her. Jasper howled with laughter. "Don't be offended if we leave the room Emmett, that's X rated stuff you're doing." Emmett pulled himself off of Rosalie and growled at Jasper. "Do you mind?". the lego movie 2 videogame the lego movie 2 the lego movie emmet brickowski wyldstyle emmetstyle emmet x lucy emmet x wyldstyle. 143 notes. Reblog ‘Actions speak louder than words, Lucy. ’. Lucy had tears falling down her face again, starring at Emmet, touched by his words. She reached over and kissed Emmet. Emmet was thrown back a bit as Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips against his. Lucy hadn't kissed him since he had stopped Lord Business and saved the world. And even that had only been a small peck.

Sex in Emmet's apartment. It was a lonely day in Emmet's apartment, and he really wanted Lucy over. So he decided to call her. "Hello?" Lucy said. "Hey!" Said Emmet. "Oh, hey babe!" Lucy answered. "Lucy do u want to come over?" Emmet asked. "Shure." Lucy's POV. I hope everything is okay he seems a little down lately As he lead me into his. Include 6 personaggi di LEGO MOVIE 2: una minifigure LEGO di Emmet, una minifigure di Lucy e una minifigure di Sharkira, più 3 personaggi in mattoncini: Barbacciaio, Stella e Cuore Il Buggy fuggi-fuggi è dotato di 2 sedili per minifigure, tetto rimovibile, sportelli e cofano apribili, spara-frecce non funzionante, sospensioni e grandi ruote con pneumatici in gomma.

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